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Working Papers

  • VIX Derivatives, Hedging and Vol-of-Vol Risk: coauthored by Andreas Kaeck (University of Sussex), under submission

  • A Jumping Index of Jumping Stocks? An MCMC Analysis of Continuous-Time Models for Individual Stocks: coauthored by Alessandro Pollastri (University Maastricht), Paulo Rodrigues (University Maastricht) and Christian Schlag (Goethe University Frankfurt), revise and resubmit Journal of Empirical Finance

  • Modeling Volatility of Oil Commodity Futures: coauthored by Michael Johannes (Columbia Business School) and Jonathan Stroud (George Washington University)

Work in Progress

  • Option Liquidity in the Cross Section of Options: coauthored by Vincent van Kervel (Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile), Paulo Rodrigues (University Maastricht)

  • Earnings Announcement Risk and Earnings Surprises, co-authored by Michael Johannes and Andreas Kaeck

  • Exchange Rates Explained by World Components: coauthored by Adrien Verdelhan (MIT), Andreas Kaeck (University of Sussex)

  • Oil Commodity Futures and the Impact on Fundamentals: coauthored by Lars Loechster (Columbia Business School), Tarun Ramadorai (Oxford University)

Permanent Working Papers

  • Industry Momentum Reloaded: coauthored by Frode Brevik (VU University Amsterdam)

  • Do Transaction Costs Affect the Optimal Exercise Strategy for American Put Options, 2012.

  • Does the Institutionalization of Derivatives Trading Spur Economic Growth?:  coauthors by Paulo Rodrigues (University Maastricht), Claudia Schwarz, 2012.

  • Hedging Options in Illiquid Markets: coauthor by Burkart Mönch, 2011.